Alex Foreshore Conservation Group

The Alexandra Headland Community Association successfully applied to SCRC Community Nature Conservation Program in August 2011 to establish a foreshore conservation group to help restore our coastal environment.  The working group began at the end of 2011 in an area of the Bluff opposite Mandin Street and have made great progress with removing the singapore daisy weed from the forest (and others we had to learn about) and in replanting and stabilizing the bank to the south of the steps leading to the beach.   Council have been spraying the noxious pepper trees and more appropriate plantings have since been achieved, particularly on an area of burnt out bluff face.  Almost 1000 plants, ground covers and trees have been planted since 2012 in the area informally known as “Pandanus Cove” due to the large trees at the top of the steps and a beautiful specimen down on the beachfront in the cove.  More than 50 new pandanus have been planted to try and add particular character to this area.

Two Green Army Projects in 2015 and 2017 assisted the group greatly in eliminating weeds from the 1.8km foreshore, along with planting. In 2018 the focus so far has been on the fragile dunes to the north of the Surf Club (around Geriatrics Reef).  Sand replenishment programs have helped stabilise these dunes but they need constant work and monitoring.

The group meets on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month under the direction of Ashley of the SCRC Community Conservation program and is co-ordinated by Mario Barbagallo of the AHCA.  We heartily welcome more volunteers to assist and no matter what your skill level, there is always something to do – its not too hard work, and a cup of tea and bikkies after is part of the comraderie.  Contact Group Co-ordinator Mario on 0417 709 006 or email


Alex Forest Preservation Group

This group formed in 1995 when the forest was first put up for sale by the Presbyterian Church and the group of local residents fought to convince Council to purchase the 3.4 hectare of wet schlerophryl forest which is the only wildlife refuge on the coastal plain between the two rivers.

Again in 2000, another 2.5 hectares was purchased for the community.

The Alex Forest Preservation Group continues to assist Council in maintaining and improving the forest with working bees on the first Saturday of every month.

Secretary: Lindsay Hope 5443 1638


Surfrider Foundation Sunshine Coast

This non-profit organization is dedicated to the protection of waves and beaches through Conservation, Activism, Research and Education (CARE). They work on a number of projects from coastal erosion issues, beach access, marine debris clean-ups and environmental monitoring, and are partnering with the Sunshine Coast University.  They are available for visits to schools and support many local conservation groups.  Current practical work focus in 2018 is on Clean ups at Teewah Beach and Double Island on the North Shore.

Secretary: Chris Glennie (2018)    0419 892 418  or email


The Alex Mal Club Conservation Group

The Alex Mal Club who meet regularly to surf at the Bluff have also taken responsibility for the conservation of the area around the Bluff Viewing Platform and in partnership with SCRC Community Conservation Program they conduct clean up days.