Laurel Carruthers Remembers

Photographed at her home in Alexandra Headland.  2012.

I was born in Goodworth in South Australia in 1919.  We came to live in Brisbane when I was 18 months.  I grew up in a suburb called Auchenflower.

My Dad was Chief Armour of Queensland – he was in charge of the ammunitions, guns, swords and anything to do with the army.  He was a man of guns.

When I was a kid I was on a diet.  I was’nt allowed to have anything, only milk, milk and milk.  Since I was a baby I had something wrong with my heart and kidneys which followed me through life.  How my mom managed it?  I do not know.  The doctor used to come three times a day to us, one time he said, “I think she is a bit better I will give her a treat, what would you like?”  I said “a pie”.  I was’nt allowed to play with anything.  I painted and coloured but wasn’t allowed to climb a tree.  I never had a sister, well there was another sister before me but she died.

I was 23 when I got married and my wedding was very good.  There was supposed to be a 100 people but 2 of them did’nt turn up.  We found out later that they missed the train.  My dress was made from satiny silk.

When we came to live in the Sunshine Coast there was almost nothing here.  Was husband William was a professional fisherman.  He fished here with his brother, he got his own boat built, he had a good industry going on; fishing, packing the fish and delivering it to the train that went to Brisbane.  He was one of the original fishermen of the area.  They used to say “If there is a mackeral out there, Bill finds it”.  I love fishing but I don’t think I can put the bait on the hook anymore.

Bill died in June 1993, he would’nt last more than me because he was older.  I was only 15 when I first met him and I really did’nt have another bloke and we stuck together for 52 and a half years – we did’nt do too bad, did we?

How I’ve come to survive this long?  I don’t know.  Is it in the genes?

Life now is so different.  I wish we could slow down and go back a bit.  I don’t think people these days are considered enough like they used to be.  They could’nt care about others, I don’t know why.

I used to have two slices of toast with marmalade and no butter in the morning, but these days I can only eat one and a cup of tea, except Sunday because it is a special day, ever since I can remember it has been always bacon and eggs.

I really enjoy when I feel good and when the kids are around.  I always like to sit near the window to watch the boats go by.


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