It’s been another successful year for the Association.

We’re supported well; on one hand by the local businesses of Alex who have been generous sponsors again across the last 12 months. There are too many financial supporters to mention here, but special thanks to Alex Surf Club, Sunshine Coast Council, and Grand Palais Resort, who are major sponsors of the Association’s work.

On the other side of the ledger, we have a broad range of volunteers who help make a number of initiatives happen. The first that I’d like to recognise is the Alex Community Garden.

My thanks to Rhonda Panozzo, Gary & Glenda Coleman, Bev Herbert, Muriel Collings and Elisabeth Singler who organise the Garden. It’ seen steady growth in numbers – both plants and people, and has introduced more events to the Garden, including social gatherings and presentations on green-fingered topics. Like all association members, they have busy lives, but special thanks to Rhonda who has continued to cover the Treasurer’s role for the Association as a whole as well.

We ventured into new territory this year with community markets here at Alex. The inaugural markets were hosted on the first Saturday in April, and despite inclement weather on the day, were well attended by Alex locals and visitors alike. The next Alex Markets will be the first Saturday of July – that’s the 7th from 7.00 in the morning. The markets are run in conjunction with Sunshine Coast Collective Markets, and coordinated at our end by Mario Barbagello.

Mario also leads a band of volunteers on the Foreshore Conservation Group. The first Wednesday morning of most months you’ll see them somewhere between Maroochydore and Mooloolaba. Mario is away at a family birthday today, but is represented by his daughter Reggie this afternoon. Reggie, can you please pass on our thanks to Mario for his multi-tasking this year?

A big thanks as well to Ashley Goodman from Councils’ Bushcare Team who continues to work closely with the Foreshore Conservation Group.

The Association tries to support any practical initiative that improves the Alex environment. In the last year we were part of the Straw No More campaign.  As a result a number of local businesses have adopted a Straws-on-request policy, or have switched to a re-usable or non-plastic alternative such as stainless steel or paper.

In April we were honoured to again coordinate Alex’s only ANZAC event, a remembrance service at the Korean War Memorial on the headland. It’s a sobering reality that the number of Veterans from all forums of war dwindles every year. But it’s heartening to see our crowd numbers grow every year too.

Events wise, our major project for the year was Christmas in Alex. Last December made it number 7 for Christmas In Alex. We were blessed with perfect weather, and strong crowds. 2018 saw the old playground equipment removed from Buhk Park, which will helped us cater to a bigger and better Christmas event.

And before the financial year is out, we’re pleased to say we’re running the first business event in living memory that focuses just on Alex businesses. Alex After Hours is happening Wednesday 26 June at Black Bunny Café, and will be a chance for Alex businesses to meet each other. We’re only a small village in the scheme of things, but there are over 100 businesses based here, so we’re looking forward to a good roll up.

Finally, my personal thanks to our Association secretary Josie Ryan. Josie has been the dynamo driving our group from its inception, and she continues to a champion for all things Alex. Between her golf, and her ongoing gap year of travelling, Josie manages to squeeze in a huge volume of work for the Alex Community Association. If you’re thinking of doing something, or something more in terms of volunteering, and we’d welcome you with open arms – Josie is proof that you’ll find the time somewhere.