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Maroochy-Alex Foreshore Re-vegetation

SCRC Community Nature Conservation - Environmental Operations  - Beach Planting Days

Following the replenishment of sand along the stretch of beach from Maroochydore (Cotton Tree point) south towards the Alex Skate Park, Council have organised a number of days to try and re-vegetate this area.

Saturday November 23rd was a Public Planting Day and was a great success, with the public planting a staggering 8200 plants.  Soft rain during the week has helped with the establishment of these plants in jute matting, and it it hoped this will assist in the stabilisation of these very fragile dunes.

The next day is scheduled for Sunday December 8th from 8-10a.m. to plant another 2000 plants towards the Alex Surf Club.


Environmental Issues

80% of the current membership list Environment as an area of concern. People are passionate about protecting our precious beachside environment, along with the small areas of open space in our 300 hectare suburb.

Protection of the remaining coastal vegetation and our 1.8 km of marine coastline is critical, and many organizations are involved. We will seek to identify issues, advocate for local interests, and assist wherever possible to maintain and protect the habitat.

Issues of Concern already identified in Alexandra Headland

  • Coastal Erosion
  • Plant Pest Management on Foreshore
  • Beautification of urban environment
  • Controlled Water Bodies & Management of Water Run-off (Litter)
  • Further & improved foreshore tree plantings
  • Support for Alex Forest Conservation Park
  • Flooding potential
  • Identification of Local Fauna & Flora
  • Gross Pollutant Traps

Environmental Sub-Committee

Committee Members

Haset Sali (Chair), Mario Barbagello, Pam Eldridge, Ron McMahon, Lindsay Hope, Nancy Lees Thomae,

Current Plans of Sub-Committee

  • The Association has made an application to the SCRC Community Nature Conservation Program to establish a working group called the ALEX FORESHORE CONSERVATION GROUP who will work with Council on monthly or bi-monthly working bees to restore the coastal environment. We have proposed to begin work on an initial project area between Alexandra Parade and the rocky foreshore, opposite Mandin Street, and including the bushland and the area south of the steps to the foreshore


  • Follow up the concept of a Community Garden proposed for land in the precinct of the Presbyterian Church.
  • Focus on a scientific approach to Coastal Change/Management Issues and co-ordinate education and local information sessions.

Reports being Considered

  1. DERM – Qld Govt – QUEENSLAND COASTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN is recently released. Mooloolaba to Maroochydore is considered a priority area for shoreline erosion management.
    SEMP – DRAFT SHORELINE EROSION MANAGEMENT PLAN is close to being released. (We have nominated to be considered a key stakeholder and offered to arrange public meetings)
    • Pdf document - refer page 13 on Pandanus Dieback
    • Implementation Plan proposes CPAG – Community Pest Action Groups 
    Some relevant Open Space Strategy key messages:
    • Open space supports our relaxed Sunshine Coast lifestyle and needs to be protected into the future.
    • Design larger parks (not overcrowded with infrastructure and buildings)
    • Provide town centre hubs in community parks
    • Ensure access to quality open space for all residents
    • Provide open space that is well connected
    • Protect foreshores and riparian areas.

Information and Feedback

Gross Pollutant Traps

Surfriders have been following up concerns re Gross Pollutant Traps in Alex, and in response to their queries Council have advised that the older style GPT's with netting at the outfall have changed, and been replaced with inpit devices which do not have the visibility of older systems.  GPT's aim to clean the pollutants out of stormwater before it travels to the ocean.  Regular maintenance is conducted, along a recent audit has confirmed they are up to standard.  The following link to Sunshine Coast Council's mapping website will locate all GPT's in the area.


Aerial and Photograpic History of Alex Foreshore

A number of members of the community have been photographing and recording sand movements at Alex foreshore.  We would like to collate and make these photos publicly available, and appeal to those with dated records to contact our group, so that we can acknowledge them and make these records part of the debate.  Please contact:


Beach Protection Authority (old EPA) Data

A group of volunteers for the old Beach Protection Authority collected beach profile data for the Maroochydore-Alex region.  We are trying to find an access to this information, and would appreciate anyone with knowledge of this to contact us.



A number of other groups also work in our forests and foreshore and we fully support the work they do in and around Alex.

ALEX FOREST PRESERVATION SOCIETY - This non profit organization is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Alex Forest Park and conduct regular working bees on the first Saturday morning of each month. see link

SURFRIDERS – This non-profit organization is dedicated to the protection of waves and beaches through Conservation, Advocacy, Research and Education (CARE). They work on a number of projects from coastal erosion issues, beach access, marine debris clean-ups and environmental monitoring.

THE MAL CLUB – conduct an annual clean up of the area around the Bluff.

THE ALEXANDRA HEADLAND ROTARY CLUB - conduct the annual Clean Up Australia Day rubbish campaign.  Come help them next year!